Star Valley Towing & Recovery provides a variety of services, please view of most common services below:

Roanoke Towing Service : Need a local or regional Tow? Our tow trucks are new and state of the art. We have over 20 Years experience when it comes to Towing and can safely Tow your vehicle at an affordable rate. We are licensed, bonded, and insured!

Winch Service / Wrecker Service: Need a vehicle pulled out of a tricky spot, ditch, mud, or other? We can safely winch your vehicle out of almost any position you find your car or truck stuck in. Our winch equipment is all state of the art, inspected, and operated by professionals.

Repossession Services: Our ownership and operators have been in the Repossession field for decades and have recovered thousands of vehicles over the years. Our Repo Service is top notch and affordable.

Parking Enforcement – Parking Lot Management: Star Valley offers parking lot management and towing enforcement in the Roanoke/Salem/Vinton area. Do you have a private/business property with a parking lot? Let us come and post signs and enforce towing on your property. We have many ways we can help you. If you own a private parking lot and have problems like abandoned vehicles, non-permit vehicles, vehicles for sale, fire lane violations and more. At Star Valley Towing in Roanoke, we understand that you can only take care of so much in one day, which is why we provide private lot management services